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Professional Services

IT Project Management Services

With the rate of change in today’s computing environments, thorough planning and preparation are crucial for the long-term success of your deployments. Your New Era Professional Services Team can help you on all aspects of your information delivery system, from desktop and remote access to the Enterprise Information Portal and everyday upkeep.

New Era’s certified engineers have many years of experience and abundant industry certifications in all facets of network and infrastructure design, integration, analysis, and monitoring, as well as software tuning for Virtualization, GPGPU applications and Apache Hadoop. New Era will work closely with you to ensure the infrastructure you install today will deliver the performance you need to stay competitive tomorrow.

Below is a summary of current New Era services

Data Center and Systems Management

HPC Storage


Project Management Services

VMware & Hyper V Server Virtualization

Microsoft Infrastructure

OpenCL & CUDA Consulting

Security and Compliance Services

In Addition, New Era provides full on-site deployment services, which include Server, Storage & Networking deployment. We can install and configure your new data center systems to help you save time & money, minimize disruption and optimize performance. Our comprehensive suite of implementation services will get you from PO to Production faster than you ever thought possible.

Project Management

New Era provides a single point of contact for comprehensive planning and execution support throughout every stage of the implementation process.


New Era fully assesses the technical requirements of your computing environment and creates a detailed implementation plan ensuring a fast, surprise-free deployment.

Installation & Configuration

Once your hardware is ready to deploy, New Era’s certified technicians will integrate, configure and conduct a final test & tune to ensure your new equipment is ready to go.

Product Orientation

New Era technicians will provide your IT staff with detailed information about how your new systems and software are designed to operate in your environment so you can keep your data center running at top efficiency.

Deployment Services Process