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Digital Security Solutions

Proactive Protection

The internet has become a minefield of cyber threats, and it is just a matter of time before your business is eventually attacked. With data being a competitive advantage, an attack can put you in a deep crisis. The best way to move forward is to address risk as they emerge instead of scrambling for resources after an attack has taken place. Newera offers proactive solutions to address emerging risks thus ensuring that there is minimal downtime post an attack and you are always prepared to face any threat.

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Managed SOC

Businesses currently operate in an era where the question is no longer about “when” or “if” your company has been breached. This is because in all probability it has already happened. The question that is relevant over here is whether your company is aware of the breach and whether you have the capability of detecting and responding to such future attacks? A Security Operations Centre can be the answer to your worries as it defends you against advanced cyber-attacks. However, in house SOC suffers from several challenges owing to the rarity of skilled resources to give 24*7 coverage and employing effective technologies for detection and reporting of most advanced threats.

Newera’s SOC overcomes the challenge of adequate resources and addresses other limitations that are faced by in-built SOCs. The SOC solution offered by Newera has a hybrid resourcing model comprising of on-site and off-site professionals and is customised around the needs of your business. The advanced monitoring system that is inbuilt in the SOC grants your business advanced threat detection capabilities than traditional methods and helps you stay protected.

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Corporate Training

Information Technology solutions and capabilities can ensure a competitive advantage for your company. However, it is required that IT should be used optimally to gain maximum benefit out of it.  We at New era train your staffs so that you make optimal use of IT infrastructure, make effective use of solutions and new generation security practices to gain a competitive advantage over competitors. The corporate training provided by Newera would give you the ability to optimize your IT solutions so that you can increase efficiency and capability that helps you stay ahead of the competition.

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Solution Consulting

Internet and Information Technology are helping businesses gain competitive advantage and have become fundamental in their survival over the longer term. However, with the increasing use of IT, the threat of a cyber attack has also increased proportionately. A cyber attack can not only expose your sensitive business data but also can lead to system failure as well.

New era provides you with application security for both webpage and mobile. We offer solutions to protect you against SQL injection, Next Generation Malware, cross-site scripting and many more. The solution provided by Newera is deception technology. By using traps or decoys that imitate the real IT assets, our deception technology creates a minefield for the cyber attackers and alerts your cyber team of malicious activities with actionable intelligence on an immediate basis. Additionally, through ethical hacking, Newera tests the robustness of your security measures and suggests improvements if required.

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