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Data Capital

Research conducted by IDC shows that organizations across every industry are under threat. About 11% of the revenue for hospitals to 29% in case of utilities is under the risk of disruption. The way forward is to leverage the actionable Data that is derived from organizational data. This data can be used to transform the digital experience and unlock business insights. The insights that are derived from the data can serve as a competitive differentiator for your business. We at Newera help you to leverage the data capital of your company with our whole range of business solutions and thus drive your business to the next level.

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Big Data

Business has always tried to predict and map customer behavior in a bid to achieve a competitive advantage. Questions like which segment of customers are interested in your offering? How does a customer usually spend time in your stores? Which product offering is selling the most? Alternatively, what kinds of products are expected by your customers? Have always kept you intrigued.

Newera with its associations in the field of data science has brought big data solution as an answer to these questions. Our data scientists, technical experts, technologists, and strategists strive continuously to drive actionable insights from your data capital. You can thus derive insights that help you achieve competitive advantage and stay ahead of the game.

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Business Analytics

Rapidly changing technological landscape dictates that you adopt something that can give you a competitive advantage over your rivals. Business analytics solutions offered by Newera helps you get answers to the big questions surrounding Finance, HR, Marketing or IT that have since long puzzled you. Such insights can help you gain actionable insights that can, in turn, help you in channelizing your efforts to achieve a higher market share or provide value proposition as desired by your customer.

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Application Development

Your business has a unique set of features and requirements that might not be fulfilled by standard applications available in the market. So, you want to build your customized software application. We at Newera offer you the platform on which you can create your application. We offer you the possibility of modular application development so that you can always add components at a later stage to your existing application depending on the requirements of your business. The applications developed on Newera platform are compatible across different platforms like Mobile, tablet, and laptop. Using our platform to build your applications would grant you several benefits like greater agility, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness.

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