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Managed Services

Eliminating Incidents

Incidents in your business can happen to lead to derailment of the operations. You can lose critical hours and productivity owing to incidents. The way forward is to opt for solutions that eliminate incidents. At Newera we aim to prevent incidents and problems, eliminate repeat incidents and minimize the impact of others that are not preventable. We at Newera try to find the root cause of the incidents and find a permanent solution to the problem. We also ensure that the solution is implemented through the right procedure and approach. So, by entrusting upon Newera the responsibility of eliminating incidents you can free yourself from the mundane IT functionality and focus on your core business processes instead.

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While you aim at beating your competitors, it is essential that you have your facilities in the best of shape. It is never an easy task and requires your alertness to keep your equipment and workspace in optimal condition at all times while ensuring that your employees are safe as well. At the same time, you need to comply with the changing regulations. However, you can reduce your burden with the facility management services offered by Newera which transfers the responsibility of managing IT to Newera. As you shift the weight of managing IT chores to us, you benefit from predictable pricing and have the ability to focus on the core of your business.

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Professional Services

With the rate of change in today’s computing environments, thorough planning and preparation are crucial for the long-term success of your deployments. Your New Era Professional Services Team can help you on all aspects of your information delivery system, from desktop and remote access to the Enterprise Information Portal and everyday upkeep.

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New Era Relocation Service is specifically designed to coordinate the equipment relocation activities and appropriate resources necessary to implement and conclude a variety of moves. From a single system up to a complete computing environment

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IT Infrastructure Rental & Leasing

There are many short-term demands for certain types of products and we can help by providing convenient 1 -week to 1 2-month rentals on this type of equipment. We maintain a huge inventory as well as access to wholesale inventories, which means you can get the equipment you need, when you need it with convenient payment terms.

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Warranty Services

Our warranty service programs guarantee you’ll be protected from unexpected, costly repairs when standard manufacturer warranties lapse or problems aren’t covered — ensuring a lasting return on all of your IT investments.

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