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Cloud Solutions

Private Cloud

A Private Cloud, often called an Internal Private Cloud, is hosted within your own Data Center. Since an Internal Cloud is completely controlled in-house, it indeed offers flexibility and consistency. Not to forget the high Data Security it offers. Some additional benefits are, Dedicated environment, Guaranteed availability of resources, Complete control together with assured data security and advantages of a public cloud.

NewEra offers you – Consulting, helps in Building your Private Cloud and offers Support. NewEra would be with you through your cloud journey to address your specific needs; customized for you.

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Hybrid Cloud

A hybrid cloud gives you high data security as in private cloud environment, with the easy-to-access features and fast connection of the public cloud. In that sense offers all benefits of both public and private cloud. While hybrid cloud services can result in cost savings, their main value to you is Speedy & Efficient digital transformation, because of agility they offer.

NewEra as Multi-Cloud Deployment Experts understand your needs and commit tailored hybrid cloud solution with assured benefits of both Public Cloud & Private Cloud.

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Public Cloud

Public Cloud – Your Shared Infrastructure with Unmatched Sclability.

The most recognized model of cloud computing is the Public Cloud. Managed by large service providers, are frequently run within a shared environment between several different users, with partitions as the primary security feature. Also known as the Real Cloud, a pool of shared physical resources is used, and the environment can be accessed over a public network.

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