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Proactive Protection

The internet has become a minefield of cyber threats, and your Business can be the next victim of such attacks, at anytime. With data being your key asset, an attack can cause damage to data and put you in crisis. In view of the growing risk of cyber threats. Your investment in Cyber Security helps you protect your Data from attacks. NewEra offers proactive solutions to address your IT protection requirement to prevent damage to data. NewEra’s solutions not only ensure hundred percent security from cyber threats but also ensures that there is minimum downtime post such an attack.

Cyber Threats Solutions

Next Generation Proactive Technologies

If malware was intercepted by its signature on the outer defense rings, it could not cause any damage yet. Only when the code contained in the code is actually executed and gets computing time in the processor can it unfold its potential. Once a malware has overcome all levels and is activated on the client,

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