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Acceleration-Optimized servers and accelerator portfolio

Dell Dell October 05, 2023
Acceleration-Optimized servers and accelerator portfolio

Accelerate insight and innovation

For the digital enterprise, success hinges on leveraging big, fast data. But as data sets grow, traditional data centers are starting to hit performance and scale limitations — especially when it comes to ingesting and querying real-time data sources.

While some have long taken advantage of accelerators for speeding visualization, modeling and simulation, today, more mainstream applications than ever before can leverage accelerators to boost insight and innovation. Accelerators such as graphics processing units (GPUs), complement and accelerate CPUs, using parallel processing to crunch large volumes of data faster. Accelerated data centers can also deliver better economics, providing breakthrough performance with fewer servers, resulting in faster insights and lower costs.

Organizations in multiple industries are adopting server accelerators to outpace the competition — honing product and service offerings with data-gleaned insights, enhancing productivity with better application performance, optimizing operationswith fast and powerful analytics, and shortening time to market by doing it all faster than ever before.

Dell Technologies offers a choice of server accelerators in Dell PowerEdge servers, so you can turbo-charge your applications.

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