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Morphisec Labs Threat Report

Morphisec Morphisec December 01, 2018
Morphisec Labs Threat Report

Threats come in diff erent forms, and in diff erent cycles in terms of frequency and severity. It’s clear that cybersecurity is shifting to a more customized model because of this. For teams who know what their challenges are, and for teams who need to defend against the diff erent types of threats, they know it takes a fi ne-grained approach to do the following:

  • Apply a process that helps fi lter out the threats that aren’t an immediate, imminent threat to the organization.
  • Architect a highly specifi c approach that maps to how your organization is specifi cally targeted by attackers, whether by vertical industry or location that includes prevention, intelligence and remediation.

The landscape of threats continues to iterate based on IT modernization trends, access to systems and, for attackers, how quickly and effi ciently they can deconstruct traditional defense techniques and technology.

Oftentimes, determining root cause is one of the more challenging and time-consuming initiatives when companies are breached, or just investigating threats. This can range from partial execution of malware, to exploited vulnerabilities that may have gone unpatched. Or in the case of a breach, data exfi ltration, and exactly how that backdoor was established, set up and leveraged.

However, today, proactive security teams are looking at geopolitical events, and are able to prepare and anticipate at certain times, where attackers might strike. In addition, almost 20% of people are concerned about the possibility of a cyberattack crippling the critical infrastructure of their country.

Moreover, intelligence is critical in consistently getting better at cybersecurity. But the ability to prevent a higher volume of threats more effi ciently, and with a much higher level of effi cacy, is something every security practitioner strives for.

This is where innovative approaches like Moving Target Defense are changing the dynamic against attackers, and they are changing how many of us are thinking about protecting the organization we work for, as well as our own individual environments and fi nances.

The research out of Morphisec Labs is essential to understanding exactly what some of the key threat trends really are, and it’s important for every security practitioner to explore how dedicated researchers are analyzing threats for the betterment of the market.

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