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Hybrid Cloud

A hybrid cloud gives you high data security as in private cloud environment, with the easy-to-access features and fast connection of the public cloud. In that sense offers all benefits of both public and private cloud. While hybrid cloud services can result in cost savings, their main value to you is Speedy & Efficient digital transformation, because of agility they offer.

NewEra as Multi-Cloud Deployment Experts understand your needs and commit tailored hybrid cloud solution with assured benefits of both Public Cloud & Private Cloud.

Hybrid Cloud Solutions

Hybrid IT Services

Traditional cloud services require a separate set of constructs and management tools with distinct operational requirements, complex management, and higher overall costs. you get the following advantages. Own your on-premises infrastructure, but at the same time consume public cloud services. Instantly provision and configure a public cloud environment. Seamlessly integrate with your on-premises implementation.

Xi Beam

Optimize the cloud spend and ensure security compliance in multi cloud environments.

Xi Epoch

Monitor the health of multi cloud applications and improve reliability by quickly troubleshooting issues.

Xi Frame

Run secure. software-defined virtual desktop workspaces in any cloud environment.

Xi Leap

Natively integrated cloud based disaster recovery.

Replace what are you protecting with

We continually optimize Backup and DR technology to guarantee that our clients do not waste any capacities and resources. For example, we do not implement a repetitive backup of the entire VM snapshot, if that VM instance is a dedicated Database Server. Databases have their own highly efficient mechanisms for backup which we use to preserve transactional data integrity and to provide fast recoverability.

For Disaster Recovery solutions most of the system should be replicated directly using internal mechanisms vs. utilizing global mechanisms like VM intance mirroring. Proprietary mechanisms are less wasteful and allow smoother fail over.

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