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Businesses today require the latest technology with excellent quality to keep them ahead of their competition. Need is; products that meet quality standards, offer value for money, and offer excellent return on investment (ROI). We at NewEra are equipped to provide you with the best quality end-user infrastructures solutions like tower workstations, Desktops, and professional laptops that can be custom-built according to your specifications. Our entire range of professional laptops, gaming laptops, tower workstations, and other infrastructure solutions are not only built according to specifications but are also highly durable. These could be used for several years and hence guarantee a higher ROI. Additionally, with NewEra, you can be confident about the quality and rely on our efficient support staff.

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Today, Businesses run on technology. Critical business operations and applications are hugely dependent on technology. Your digital transformation journey needs an IT Environment that is equipped to meet demands of emerging services and technologies. Data storage appliances hosted on-premise or at a Secured Data Center need to be highly scalable because of the multi-fold growth in Structured and Unstructured Data. A scalable solution ensures that IT Infrastructure is geared up for changing needs and evergrowing workloads of the organization.

We at New Era have the Technical Expertise and long standing Experience to help businesses build their IT Environments that focus on futuristic technology, agility, scalability, manageability, agility, security, cost-effectiveness. When you allow us to become a Custodian, a Watchdog of your IT Infrastructure solution, you can focus your energy on the core and strategic areas of your business. This then makes a lot of economic sense; from a long term standpoint.

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An efficient, high speed, highly secured Data Network Infrastructure is the basic building block of IT Infrastructure for all Businesses.

New Era can help you achieve this. Be it Basic network Swithces and Data Center TOR Switches, Routers, Network Security – Next generation firewalls or UTM Technologies, or software based security solutions, we have the expertise. We design, deliver and implement customer’s Network Infrastructure of any complexity.

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