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About the business

Madhavbaug', the world's first Ayurvedic Cardiac Rehab center follows strict principles of Lifestyle modification laid down by ancient Ayurved with a modern touch. Madhavbaug has established a strong foothold in non-invasive cardiac care with 194 clinics and two hospitals.

Business Needs

Customer’s objective

  • Access email, Calendar, Files from anywhere on any device, Online Meetings.
  • Simple easy to use communication and collaboration on documents with team members and partners.
  • Data security and backup so that the data is always available even in case of disaster.
  • Video Conferencing between multiple offices for effective management.

Challenges faced by the customer

  • Mailbox space limitation – The storage space in the on-premise server is limited to the customer cannot expand the mailboxes.
  • Security and Threat Protection – The Anti-virus software is out of date and customer does not have the resources to upgrade the Anti- Virus software continuously.
  • Effectively communicate and collaborate throughout the organization – The customer has numerous branches, and so wants effective communication between them.
  • Backup of user data – There is no protection of the data and so, if the emails are deleted there is no mechanism to recover the deleted emails.

Operational Expectations

  • Work from Anywhere - This helps the users to be on work even during emergencies
  • Reliability - This will ensure there is no downtime of the Mailboxes
  • Simplified management – This will ensure multiple offices across multiple locations are managed through a single interface
  • Better Security – This will ensure the Critical business information is not available to hackers and competition
  • Backup – This will ensure the mailboxes are always available to the client in any eventuality
Solution Highlights

Office 365

  • Anytime – anywhere access to emails, documents, contacts, and calendars on any device
  • Simple easy to use communication and collaboration with colleagues and partners
  • Flexible pricing options
  • The latest version of software being upgraded that gives you predictability and flexibility for all or part of an organization at no additional cost
  • Business-class service including IT admin phone support, financially-backed 99.9% uptime guarantee, geo-redundant data centers, disaster recovery, robust security, privacy controls and standards
  • Single sign-on – running in the system tray of each user’s machine, storing their password to avoid constant sign in

  • Meeting with the customer to discuss the number of users and the policies and profiles that are assigned to the users
  • Create a new domain by the name of in O365
  • Connect the existing on-prem domain with the new domain by creating a trust relationship
  • Create new users in the O365 domain
  • Migrate the on-prem mailboxes to the users that are created in this new domain
  • For secure and user-friendly Video Conferencing facility configure Skype for Business
  • For natural protection of user data configure One Drive for Backup
  • For the work of the users to be appropriately organized and scheduled, configure Outlook/Contacts/Calendar in O365
  • Train the users so that they are comfortable with the O365 Interface
Solution Benefits
  • As the applications are standardized, the upgrades are done automatically
  • Reduce the on-prem server footprint and the task of manually managing these servers
  • Excellent SLA from Microsoft thus ensuring complete business continuity and reliability with zero downtime
  • Immediate improvements, especially regarding mailbox maximum storage levels & centralized Policy management options.
  • Enterprise-grade security features thus protecting the mailboxes from cyber threats
  • Improve collaboration throughout the organization
  • The team has begun to utilize Skype for Business, enabling global team members to collaborate virtually face-to-face easily. With its user-friendly interface and automatic configuration set up
  • Complete the migration to Exchange Online with minimal impact on the business.
  • The team can access & Share files anytime, anywhere from OneDrive.
  • The user can take backup on OneDrive by local file synchronization
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