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Private Cloud

As a Business, your ability to be on top of the competition rests on factors like scalability, staying updated, flexibility, etc. Your Business also does not want that a significant portion of the cash flow is caught up in infrastructure. The solution to these issues can be your decision to migrate to the cloud. NewEra offers you both consulting & Support in your cloud journey to address your specific needs.

The private cloud offers your business enhanced flexibility to in utilization of resources thereby leading to performance enhancement. Using the help of a private cloud, your business can get the most of the servers, and you can thus achieve cost reduction. By running your IT systems in a private cloud environment, you can get benefits like stronger security and guaranteed availability of resources. Using a private cloud, you can gain access to the features and advantages offered by public cloud and the dedicated environment provided by the private cloud helps you to retain control and thus ensure that your data is secure.

Simplify your Datacenter

Eliminate the time and effort needed to design, procure and deploy infrastructure. Get started in minutes, with hyperconverged infrastructure that includes compute, storage and networking, and scales out as needs grow. IDC found that customers get 60% lower TCO with a 7-month payback period.


Delivering a turnkey experience that enables our customers to continuously innovate, VxRail features next-generation technology that provides future proofing for your infrastructure, including NVMe cache drives, SmartFabric Services supported by Dell EMC Networking switches, advanced VMware Cloud integration through VMware Validated Designs (VVD) guidance, and automated tools and guides to simplify deployment of a secure VxRail infrastructure.

  • Consolidates compute, storage, and virtualization with end to end automated lifecycle management
  • Offers deep integration with VMware tools, including operational transparency with vCenter
  • Automates network setup with SmartFabric Services, greatly simplifying and accelerating deployment
  • Provides a single point of support for appliance software and hardware

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